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As a philosopher & student of history, Hector sees a critical opportunity to reform the cultural narrative through trans-valuation of the American experience.

To confront post-modernity one must transcend it by individuating the Self from the cultural & political matrix. .

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The COMBO Show is a dynamic, open-ended conversation with the World, the Other and myself. The COMBO Conspiracy in essence represents the unfoldment of my inner-path and the spontaneous & authentic connections I make along the way.




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The critical difference between the propaganda of yesteryear and the iteration of today is that it relies on the interactive engagement of citizens. Propaganda is now a two way street unfolding in real-time with sophisticated data, behavioral & risk management tools. While this revelation may not be news…the key takeaway is that the new trenches of modern warfare is the cyber domain and we’re in the proverbial trenches.

In essence, the mirage reflected on the cyber-domain is a two-way communication channel between Artificial intelligence and the individual. Digital environments are vehicles of containment in which individuals participate to further their own self-deception. This vital concept illustrates the magnitude of technocratic control, and our role in this collective madness.

The early 20th century political intrigue in the Balkans parallels today's geopolitical conflict in Eurasia. Expansionism, Imperialists' brinkmanship and a domino effect culminated in what essence is the greatest tragedy of modern history. Typically, this blight in human history is quantified in sheer numbers --which is useful in underlining the utter wastefulness & absurdity of Total War. It's not numbers that convey the whole story. Historical narratives which are beneficial to the people AND NOT the politician need to be QUALIFIED by human experience

Héctor Combo

Journalist, Yoga Instructor|

Host of the Combo Show

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About Me

Combo’s journey into alternative research, podcasting and philosophy originates from an incessant curiosity to understand the bigger picture of reality. His unorthodox approach to media, research & activism drives him to go beyond established conventionality.

As a journalist, alternative researcher & activist his passion is to extensively explore the intimate essence of Being in a post-human society.



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